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Three Ways to Show the Folder Path in Mac’s Finder

Often when you are navigating files and folders in your Mac’s Finder, you want to check the file path. Here are three ways to do it:

1. Right click on the title folder name at top of window.

Your Finder window will display the name of the current folder. Right-click on it to show the file path.

2. Customize toolbar and add Path icon

You can customize Finder’s toolbar by right-clicking on an empty part of the toolbar and selecting “Customize Toolbar…” Look for this icon and drag it to the toolbar. Click the downward arrow to display the folder path.

3. View – Show Path Bar

In the menu bar, click View – Show Path Bar. This will place a bar at the bottom of the Finder window displaying the path.

You can click on any of the folders displayed in the folder path to jump to that folder.

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