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114: Badass Bassoon

On today’s episode we interview Emmy award winning musician and composer, Michael Cooke. Guest: Michael Cooke Beer: What Are the Odds by… Read More »114: Badass Bassoon

113: Escape

Today we are joined by Escape Room aficionado Matt Willis who shares tales and tips about this exciting pastime. Then we kick-off a new season… Read More »113: Escape

112: WatchDogs

It’s a New Year and we celebrate by opening belated Christmas gifts from Clay… and they were worth the wait. On this month’s episode, Clay… Read More »112: WatchDogs

108: Car Talk

Michael tells the exciting story of his high speed blow out and James talks about his new electric car. Plus more stunning revelations in our… Read More »108: Car Talk

107: Bad Dates

On this fun-filled episode we share our bad date stories. Find out who threw up during their date, who threw up all over their date… Read More »107: Bad Dates