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David Zucker Before the Invention of Smiling

84: David Zucker – Before the Invention of Smiling

With worldwide box office hits such as Airplane!, Ruthless People, three Naked Guns, Phone Booth, A Walk In the Clouds, and the record-breaking Scary Movie 3 and 4 all to his credit, director/producer/writer David Zucker, has established himself among Hollywood’s (or at least Wisconsin’s) most successful filmmakers.

Guest: David Zucker
Beer: Take the Cannoli by Four Fathers Brewing
Links: Before the Invention of Smiling

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1 thought on “84: David Zucker – Before the Invention of Smiling”

  1. Loved Kentucky Fried Movie back in the day. One of the funniest films. Almost peed in my pants laughing.

    Airplane was great. Robert Hayes and Leslie Neilson made the film.

    The Naked Gun was my all time favorite. Loved Lt. Frank Drebin. Thankfully our investigators were nothing like him in demeanor.

    Scary Movie with Leslie Neilson as the demented President was great.

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