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The AppleSauced Podcast

Technology, Life, Beer

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94: Shopping with Derek

We chat with Derek Chapin, CEO of MorningSave, about opening a first brick and mortar shop. James recounts a horrendous experience with Poo-Pourri. Hosts: Michael Alves, James Munton, Clay Wheeler…

93: The Afterparty

Michael bought a laser. Meanwhile, Clay and James both loved the Apple+ show, The Afterparty. Find out who absolutely crushes this week’s quiz. Beer: Black Curtains by Peticolas Brewing Please…
Twin Oaks – Carolyn Hestand Kennedy

92: Icelandic Beer and Texas Trees

Michael, James and Clay chat with Carolyn Hestand Kennedy and discover some of the fascinating history surrounding Texas trees. Clay reveals his secret ambition to become a tree after he…

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